Samsung TL220 Dual View Digital Camera Review


The Samsung TL220 Dual View Digital Camera is a smart little camera that not only has a real LCD screen but a revolutionary industry feature a 1.5″ front LCD screen. Set up the perfect shot with you in it with great new front screen.

The Samsung Digital Camera provides perfect features including the 4.6x/s7mm lens to the 3.0″ Touch Screen makes this Samsung Digital Camera a true must-have.

All photographers, new and experienced, will appreciate the TL220′s simple navigation. The Samsung TL220 comes equipped with a true color filtered 12.2 megapixel CCD with a powerful 4.6x optical zoom which almost guarantees the sharpest images.

The 27mm wide angle lens provides a wider shooting range from a shorter distance with greater flexibility than similarly priced digital cameras.

Delivering an unrivalled user experience, the 1.5″ LCD located on the front of the Samsung TL220 Dual View camera now allows consumers to take first-rate photos whether they are behind the camera or in front of it.

Also, Samsung’s innovative Smart Face Recognition technology will memorize up to 20 faces and adjust the focus and exposure to the most high-ranked faces on the camera. It also allows users to sort images by registered faces and scroll through to find images of people in their Smart Album instead of viewing every single photo.

This feature will be of great importance especially to those individuals who love social networking and uploading personal profiles.

While the Canon EOS 7D, Olympus EP-1, or Nikon D3000 offer great digital they are sometimes more than the amateur photographer is looking for.

If this is you look no further, the Samsung TL220 Digital Camera might just be the perfect digital camera for you.

A framing guide helps all photography novices to ensure the exact picture they want. Especially for the younger snapper this dual view is perfect to be included in all shots.