Not Having Digital Photography Success?


You download your photos to your computer, the ones you took at a once in a lifetime event, and you’re disappointed with the results. They looked okay on your camera view screen but, on the computer screen some seem a little fuzzy, or too light or dark, or they have the dreaded “red-eye”. You’re just not having the digital photography success you want. As an amateur photographer I’ve been there, done that.

To many people reading a digital camera user manual is good if they’re having trouble sleeping. Too much information of a technical nature to be absorbed. When I started photography as a hobby I bought every book I could trying to find the secret of taking perfect pictures. Looking back I realized all the books said the same thing, just in a different way.

Digital photography is not rocket science. It is an art form. You learn some basic concepts and your digital photography success becomes a product of your creative skills applying those concepts. Unfortunate for some, we need help in sharpening our creativity. That’s where fundamentally sound instruction comes in.

You can take a photography class in school, join a camera club, invest in an extensive online course, or search the web for information you can use. The web is a great source, filled with thousands of “how-to” photography e-books. Choose one that is written in plain language, easy to understand and remember. There are offerings on the web authored by people who have learned by trial and error, and without professional instruction became accomplished photographers. They write with a passion about their profession.