Mega Pixels-Are the amount of mega pixels really that important?

Anyone who has ever been shopping for a digital camera knows that there are several different amounts of megapixels offered in different cameras. Megapixels are one of the features which people have to choose from when selecting a new digital camera. Megapixels are also one of the advancements in digital media which are confusing to most people. Below is an explanation about what megapixels are and information about different megapixels offer.

What are Megapixels?

These days’ megapixels are just as common camera components as lens, optical zoon, or a viewfinder. This is because the amount of megapixels offered by a camera determines how high definition, or HD the photo will look when it is enlarged. This is because a megapixel the term used to describe the dots which digital pictures are comprised of. One megapixel equals one million dots. The more dots, or mega pixels there are the more defined and less grainy a picture looked upon enlargement.

What Different Megapixels Offer You

The amount of megapixels you need in a digital camera depends upon the size of the photo prints you will need. Cameras which offer only 1 to 2 mega pixels are good if you are only using the camera to email photos as you would with a camera phone. If you are looking to have photo prints in the size of up to 5×7 then you will need 3 to 4 megapixels for your photos to be of a clear, crisp quality.

For 8×10 clear photo prints you will want to select a digital camera which offers 5 to 7 megapixels. In order to have clear quality images on photo prints larger than 8×10 would require 7 megapixels and up. Since the price of digital cameras significantly increase in price at the point of 5 megapixels and up it is important to assess if you actually need that amount of megapixels. If you will not be making 8×10 photos and larger then spending money on the higher amount of megapixels could be a waste of money. This is because the lower amount of megapixels will give you just as high quality smaller photos as the higher megapixel cameras will.